Buying Smaller Homes For Sale: Florida Buyers Say Less Is More

finelivinghomesforsaleWe’re all susceptible to the uniquely American paradigm of believing “bigger is always better.” Some of the homes and condos for sale Florida buyers find most attractive are often the larger waterfront homes Florida is known for having a lot of beautiful high-end properties, and when buyers reach a certain threshold in terms of budget they love going all-in and winding up with fantastic and expansive homes.

But there’s an emerging trend among buyers, even those who have large purchasing budgets, to hold back and not buy the most home they can manage; and they are doing it for a number of reasons. Smaller homes are easier to manage, cost less to heat and cool, and are generally better options for people who want to be as hands-on as possible with maintenance. And there are typically more choices among smaller homes in any given market; buyers with particular needs are more likely to have them met with a wide range of options.

Smaller homes with more modest prices also tend to sell more quickly; there’s a sense that a moderately-priced home will move in nearly any economy, whereas larger homes for sale Florida might sit on the market longer. Buyers who want liquidity, e.g. the ability to get their money out of a property quickly should the need arise, should take a close look at buying less instead of more.

Finally, of course, putting a smaller percentage of your wealth into your home means you’ve got the ability not only to diversify your investments and continue investing in other areas, but also you just have that wealth around to spend — on travel, dining, education, or just on the “fun stuff.” And knowing you’ve got a little extra money stashed away for a rainy day isn’t the worst idea, either!

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