Jupiter Florida Real Estate

The day has finally come when the Jupier Florida real estate market has bounced back. The demand for real estate is exremely high and we are experiencing a huge lack of inventory.  The demand seems to be in all price ranges for the first time in a number of years. Country clubs, waterfront properties, townhomes, condos and investment properties are all moving. The demand is greatly outweighing the supply.  Homeowners are are now afraid of being  homeless…sellers are feeling they will not be able to find a new home if their house sells. Selling the property was the hardest part of moving recently but those days are no longer. Prices are increasing at a rate of 1-2% a month. We, as realtors, are being taken back to the days when you have to chase a new listing as soon as it hits the market. If you don’t move fast and get the buyer in ASAP  its already sold to another buyer. Here we go again!!!!!

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