Quick Fixes: Showing Real Estate Abacoa Buyers Want

FineLiving0401We’ve been to, and hosted, a lot of home showings over the years — and we mean a lot. When it comes to real estate, Jupiter buyers are all unique individuals looking for slightly different things; but when it comes to showing real estate, Palm Beach County real estate professionals all agree there are a few things that can put a buyer off for good. Fortunately, many of them are quick fixes a typical homeowner can take care of in practically no time at all — and they’ll make a huge difference in shortening the time a property will sit on the market.

First of all, and we know we’ve said it before: clean up your act. And we don’t just mean have things clean, we mean tidy things up as well; a professional cleaning service might be thorough enough to get the dust off the lampshades or even the gunk from around the dishwasher seal, but only you can collect the knick knacks off the front room table and stow them in boxes. They’re your memories, not those of a potential new buyer — get them out of the way so they can imagine building their own memories in their new home!

Also, fix the little stuff that can make a home seem more worn-out than it really is — things like squeaking doors (a little WD-40 goes a long way) and dripping faucets (new gaskets are cheap, and if you don’t know how to put them in yourself, a plumber is worth every penny). Small problems like these can distract buyers, and the easiest home to imagine buying is one without a single problem.

For more information about selling real estate Florida buyers want — or for helping finding the right home in our local market — contact us today!

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