Summer in Jupiter FL

 Summer of 2016 In Jupiter Florida

With summer in full swing and the heat upon us  Jupiter is still rockin! This is the first time I that I can actually say that the local economy has remained strong during the hot Florida summer months. In years past, I recall walking into local business and restaurants and  the owners would complain about the summer time slumps and the lack of customers. Florida real estate and business in general has been know to be very slow in what we call the “OFF SEASON,” which runs from May- November.  The South Florida economy had relied on the tourists and snow birds in the past for support in running and growing local area businesses. Knowing that most people leave and go somewhere during the summer business always relied on making their money during the winter and hoping it would carry  the rest of the year. The local area, including Jupiter and Tequesta has seen a significant change in population during what we call the off season.

This is great news and has gotten me thinking. Why does this year seem so different and what is happening in our area to attract people to hang around when they used to go away to escape the heat or even vacation here instead of other places.

Jupiter has become very popular….Jupiter has hit the map! When I was introduced to people in the past and I was asked, where are you from and I would tell them Jupiter, they would reply, were is that, next to Mars? Now when I tell people I am from Jupiter they reply Oh I love Jupiter or Oh I know someone that lives there or I love it there . In recent years  Jupiter has popped and has become a very special and unique South Florida coastal town.

Located in Northern Palm Beach County, Jupiter feels very different than most South Florida towns. Upon your arrival you will immediately notice the small town feel, the sense of community, the natural beauty and incredible waterways and most importantly, the happiness of the people. Recently we have welcomed “HARBORSIDE” our new downtown. A destination to spend an evening or afternoon. Located along the Intracoastal you can arrive by boat as well as by car and enjoy a free concert, green markets, yoga, a wide selection of restuarants, and of course shopping!



  • Jupiter’s VIBE makes you want to stick around. With local venues such as Guanabanas,, BluLine paddle,/ Square Grouper, Tiki 52 our area, which we call our “Piece of Paradise” has become a very special place. These local businesses are enjoyed by locals, families, visitors and just anybody who is passing through. An absolute must if you are in town is to stop by and hop on a paddle board and see how easy and fun  it is to do this!



  • The local waterways including the Intracoastal. Loxahatchee River, and of course Jupiter Beach are all incredible recreational areas filled with local  families (including their dogs). Anchoring at one of our local sandbars, tubing, jet skiing, kite boarding, fishing, snorkeling and diving are a few of the many activities our residents enjoy all year long. Its always simmer in Jupiter!!!



  • Jupiter is home to many parks and natural areas. You will always find our local residents enjoying Canoeing in Riverbend Park, Hiking or camping in Jonathon Dickinson State Park, Listening to Shakespeare on the Green in Carlin Park, Swimming in the lagoon or enjoying a picnic at Dubois Park. There are also many playgrounds and natural areas for walking and biking.


  • Jupiter is home to the Loggerhead Turtle. The summer is the time to experience a turtle walk. This is the time of the year the turtes lay their eggs. If you have an opportunity to see this in real life its something you will not forget!  They  make their way to land and lay about 100 eggs in a huge whole they dig up on the beach. These turtles come back to the place where they were hatched to lay their eggs. Its an incredible experience! It also quite amazing to see them hatch as well. Literally hundreds of baby turtles climb out of a hole and make their way to the water to start their life. I had the opportunity last year to witness both of these events. Truly an unbelievable experience and highly recommended. There are guided tutles available but I always find that going to the beach on my own and keeping a watch out of for these HUGE turtes coming out of the water is the best way and most successful way to witness. If you want to learn more about the turtles and how our town helps these beautiful creatures please visit  it



  • As you can see there is an incredible amount of things to do in the summer around town and the sun is always shining. Yes its hot here but from I am seeing and hearing its not any hotter here than other places. Everything is well air conditioned and if you stay close to the coast you will see there is a beautiful breeze that comes off the water. I moved to the water a few years ago after living about 7 miles inland and I can not believe what a difference I have witnessed in the summertime weather. Yes the days are hot but the evenings are beautiful. They actually cool off down by the beach! My husband and I eat dinner outside and relax under the stars and moon listening to the wave
  • Believe it or not there are many Cultural Activities and museums as well around the area. The Maltz Jupiter Theatre is a lovely not for profit local theatre with incredible productions and classes. The New Cinepolis Movie Theatre just opened, a state of the art movie theatre that has a lounge and waiter service that serves lunch and dinner in your seat while watching a movie. Palm Beach is just 20 minutes away which makes for a great day of strolling  along Worth Avenue, touring the Norton Museum, taking in a show at the Kravis Center and taking advantage of the many great Summer Dinner Specials at world famous restaurants.

As  you can see there is certainly not a shortage of  activities to keep you busy during summer as I only hit a few of them areas most popular amenities. If you wnt to learn about life in Jupiter, get acquainted with the real estate market, get informed about the schools, get a list of golf clubs, restaurants, places to visit we can help! We have lived in Jupiter since 2001 and literally watched this town come alive! We absolutely love living here and would be honored to acquaint you with the area and show you why you will love it too!

Happy Summer!!!

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