Surveying Homes For Sale: Palm Beach Gardens Experts Recommend Knowing The Lay Of The Land Before Buying

flhomesforsale With all the homes for sale Palm Beach Gardens, you’ve found the deal of  a lifetime. You’ve agreed on a price, you’re satisfied with the condition   of the property and the inspector has given the home a clean bill of        health– or at least a bill you can work with. And now you’re asking yourself whether you need to pay to get a survey done as well.

Even if you think you have a good handle on the shape and scope of a  property, it’s a good idea to get it nailed down by a licensed surveyor.  Not every lot is a perfect rectangle, of course; for example many of the waterfront homes Palm Beach Gardens sellers have to offer feature irregularly-shaped property lines approaching the water — and even in other directions.

But even seemingly simple shapes can be surprising; there’s no end of stories among agents about fences and landscaping that seemed to everyone to have been laid out right along the property line — it just looked like it had been done so perfectly! — that turned out later to have been feet or even yards off. Encroaching neighbors — even when it’s done innocently — can spell headaches later on, especially if you want to add outbuildings or other structures that rely upon setbacks for code approval.

Finally, if you don’t get a survey done, the next person might — e.g. when you go to sell your property in the future. If problems arise then, it’ll be you that’s on the hook for resolving them to your potential buyer’s satisfaction, rather than being in the driver’s seat on negotiations today. The outlay of a little money now can save a lot in the future — pay now instead of paying later!

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