Time to Sell? Palm Beach Gardens Waterfront Homes

If the market has you thinking it’s time to add your property to our list of Palm Beach Gardens homes for sale — and you’re on the water — we’ve got great news. While a lot of real estate has seen significant peaks and troughs over the last few years (with many sellers left holding the metaphorical bag during the “troughs”), waterfront property and in particular Palm Beach Gardens waterfront homes have managed to hold their value, and many are starting to show (and more importantly, sell) at higher prices we haven’t seen in years.

Of course, not every property sells as quickly or for as much as the owners would prefer. We’ve seen a lot of properties come and go over the years, and the ones that sell well generally have a few things in common; here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for sell Palm Beach Gardens waterfront homes.

Most importantly, remember your property is on the water, so you need to ensure you are highlighting that fact to every potential buyer and accentuating the parts of your property that have to do with waterfront living. This means your docks, decks and picture windows need to positively sparkle. More than just washing windows, consider having your dock professionally power-washed and treated, and make sure your decks are up-to-par as well — re-paint and repair as needed.

Another thing to remember is that at this price point, a lot of buyers have designs on improving your property; even though you might think it’s perfect as-is, be sure to have at your fingertips all the information they might need about what sort of expansion plans will be allowed, e.g. whether they can expand the dock, build additional structures, shift landscaping to change the view or even construct a new seawall. Knowing in advance will help potential buyers see your Palm Beach Gardens waterfront home as the one they can build their dream upon!

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