Tips For Real Estate: Evergrene Initial Pricing Can Be Critical

FineLiving0402One thing that’s certain about spring: property owners across the state are getting ready to put their real estate on the market. But when it comes to pricing real estate, Palm Beach Gardens sellers might be making a big mistake when they first list their property. Why? They’re asking too much.

At first it might seem like a real estate agent telling you to list your home for less money might be self-serving advice — because certainly homes that cost less are easier to sell, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, every home has its advantages and disadvantages, things about it that makes it easier or harder to sell depending upon the market. But one thing is certain: picking an initial asking price that you don’t have to lower as time goes on can make or break a sale.

Here’s why: when it comes to real estate, Palm Beach County is like much of the country in that there is a certain amount of momentum that takes place when a home is first listed. There’s an old saying that your first offer is often your best offer; that’s in part because new listings generate a lot more “buzz” among agents, and they’ll spend more time letting their clients know about places that have just come on the market than those that have been sitting for a while — even if the price has been dropping. Price your home right the first time, and you’ll get offers — and you’ll sell the property.

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