To-Do List: Shopping for Jupiter Waterfront Homes

You’ve been looking at homes for sale in Jupiter Florida, and have decided that among all the Jupiter properties, your favorites all seem to have something in common: every one of them is on the water.  Great! One of Jupiter‘s greatest assets – indeed, one of Florida‘s greatest assets – are its waterways. Having made this choice, however, it’s worth your time to consider what it means to be in the market for a waterfront home, and how it differs from shopping for other Jupiter properties.

You’re here, so you’ve already covered the all-important first step of getting your hands on a real estate company fully versed in the fine art of buying and selling Jupiter waterfront homes. Step two is to walk the neighborhood you’re interested in, and talk to people who already live there. Existing waterfront homeowners can give you important insight into the sorts of waterfront-specific issues that have cropped up over the years they’ve been there, and can offer all sorts of great advice.

For example, waterfront properties have special insurance needs, including specific types and levels of coverage that isn’t required for other real estate. In addition to general hazard policies, wind and flood coverage are essential – and getting all this coverage might be more complicated than a simple call to your old insurance company.

Also, many Jupiter waterfront homes, like a lot of Jupiter properties, are part of homeowners or property owners associations, and there may be specific requirements concerning maintenance and appearance, as well as other restrictions and covenants. Understanding the HOA or POA rules fully before investing is critical, especially if you’re looking at homes for sale in Jupiter Florida that might need significant improvements – such as a new dock, boathouse or seawall.

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