Updating Homes For Sale: Jupiter Sellers Don’t Need A Full Renovation

Fine LIving Homes For SaleThere’s an old saying that you buy the house you want, and sell the one everyone else wants — in other words, when you put your home up for sale you want to ignore your own taste in things and try to appeal to the directions the market is trending. Something we’ve started seeing among the golf course homes Jupiter residents and agents are putting on the market is that the decor inside them has aged a little less gracefully than you might’ve hoped; even in some of the “newer” condos for sale Jupiter buyers are telling us the look inside them seems dated.

The temptation for many sellers is to do a full renovation on their properties to try to strip away the “old” look and refresh it with the latest in kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, and integrated electronic suites — things they’ve seen in model homes that look appealing. These are all great ideas, of course, but they’re not cheap; and there’s a lot that can be done to make a property look timeless without breaking the bank.

The best bang for your buck before listing a home, update-wise, comes in gallons: paint. If you’ve got a home where walls with different colors have been an integral part of the design scheme, lose them — white or nearly-white is the way to go. It’s a clean look, it refreshes every room, and it’s quite literally a blank canvas; prospective buyers with an eye for color can imagine their own preferences in their mind’s eye far better if they don’t have to try to “see around” the colors you picked a few years ago.

Even if you’ve already got white or nearly-white walls, a fresh coat or two is never a bad idea; choose a professional painting company that can get the job done quickly, remembering that the sooner you get your home on the market, the better!

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