Locke Appraisal Group

Fine Living Realty offers an appraisal division for property assessments by Fred Locke. As an expert appraiser with 25 years of experience, Fred provides valuable insight in determining the current value of any property.

Having input from an appraiser in advance of listing your property or making an offer on a new property is a tremendous benefit if you are a seller or a buyer. Enlisting help from an appraiser early in your selling or purchasing process will help protect you from listing your property too low or from overpaying on a new property.

We provide appraisals for the following:

  • To determine what your property should sell for on an open market
  • To identify a property’s tax-assessed value
  • For a property tax appeal if your property taxes are too high
  • For valuing your home for estate work or a divorce
  • For helping you secure a home equity line of credit
  • For new construction homes
  • To confirm if there is any effect on the value of your home from pending foreclosures, REOs, or short sales

Locke Appraisal Group comes to your property and inspects your home or office. Then they research similar properties in the area and compare recent sales to determine a fair market value. Upon completion, you are provided with a final appraisal report with all of the relevant data and research to issue a final valuation of your property.


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Email: [email protected]